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  • Creating websites using React and Django REST Framework

    • DRFReact를 사용하는 방법을 설명하는 기사
    • 이번주 강추 기사!, 응용하면 React 뿐만 아니라 Vue.js도 가능!
  • Django, and the story of a CRSF cookie

    • CSRFDjango 설정에 관한 이야기
    1. Eureka! This made me realize that, since the front-end was all done in React, and I wasn’t using any forms in a django template, my one and only ‘home’ template wasn’t using the “csrf_token” tag, hence it was never set on the response and not available for the Javascript to find either… [...]
    2. This was actually a very simple problem, and I got it very wrong for quite some time.
  • Django or Rails: A Visual Comparison — Infographic

    • DjangoRails 사이에서 고민인가요? 그렇다면 이 기사를 추천해드려요!
  • Making Django Upgrades Easy(er)

    • Django를 사용하면서 쉬운 업그레드를 원한다면 이 기사를 읽어보자!

    For those of you considering upgrading, with some work and careful planning, I can say that we made it very successfully to the other side.

  • Refactoring with tests in Python: a practical example

    • 테스트를 통해 리팩토링을 진행하는 예제가 단계별로 설명된 기사
    • 강추!

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