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  • 3 Reasons to Upgrade to the Latest Version of Django

    • Django를 최신버전으로 업그레이드 해야 하는 3가지 이유를 소개하는 기사
    • 개인적으로 보안 문제를 위해서 버전업을 권함

    It also allows your development team to reduce the time and money spent on addressing security issues and bug fixes, freeing up time for them to work on website improvements or revenue-generating work.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Django

    • Django의 장점과 단점에 대해서 알아보는 기사
    • 도입할 때 엄청난 장점보다는 단점을 팀에서 잘 극복할 수 있을지 고려해보자.

    Although there are many pros and cons of Django, however, when a project with a deadline is considered, using Django for the project provides the ultimate solution. And to speed it up even more, the custom user model configuration cab be installed. Earlier, when developing a code requires a lot of time; with its help, it became far easier. The development cost is reduced to almost 80% and outsourcing is completely shattered.

  • Django: Building REST APIs

    • Django REST Framework(DRF) 튜토리얼
    • JWT까지 다루고 있기 때문에 완전 추천함!
  • Scraping For Data — A Practical Guide

    • BeautifulSoup를 사용한 데이터 수집을 소개하는 튜토리얼 기사

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  • PyCon 2017
    • PyCon 2017 Conference 비디오 모음