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  • Django FK on_delete defaults to CASCADE

    • Django의 FK의 on_delete를 사용해서 파일을 제거할 때 활용할 수 있는 on_delete 설정을 다루는 기사

    If the File object is deleted nowm the logo will be set to NULL rather than deleting the object.

  • Building An Analytics Data Pipeline In Python

    • 스트리밍 데이터(streaming data)를 다양한 데이터로 활용하는 방법 중 하나인 'pipelines' 개념을 소개한 개념
    • Nginx을 사용하고 있다면 곧바로 사용할 수 있는 예제를 제공한다는 점도 큰 장점!

    Data pipelines are a key part of data engineering, which we teach in our new Data Engineer Path.

  • New interesting data structures in Python 3

    • Python 3.6에서 추가된 typing.NamedTuple, types.MappingProxyType, types.SimpleNamespace에 대해서 간략하게 소개하는 기사
    • 새롭게 추가된 데이터구조에 대해서 가볍게 알아볼 수 있기 때문에 가볍게 읽어보시길 권함

    I hope you enjoyed this little walkthrough of some new data structures in Python 3.

  • The Case of the Mysterious Python Crash

    • Linux 환경에서 Python 프로그램의 Crash를 어떤 방법으로 해결했는지 소개하는 기사

    The diagnosis was rather straightforward thanks to the availability of critical information in logs

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  • Why WebAssembly is Faster Than asm.js

    • WebAssemblyasm.js가 좋은지 궁금하신 분들을 위한 기사

    WebAssembly, on the other hand, has been designed jointly by all major browsers. Unlike JavaScript, which could be made fast only using very creative methods, or asm.js, which could be made fast using simple methods but not all browsers did so, WebAssembly has more agreement upon how to optimize it. There is still plenty of room for differentiation in VMs (different ways to tier compilation, AOT vs. JIT, etc.), but a good baseline of predictable performance can be expected across the entire Web.

  • Does React have a setState problem?

    • React.js의 setState의 다양한 의견을 들어보자!

    [...] Tweets are too small for nuance - read the blog!; @_ericelliott