Python News

  • Getting Djiggy with Django Models

    • DjangoORM을 잘(!) 사용하기 위한 몇가지 기능을 소개하는 기사

    You’ll be best served if you already understand how models and queries in Django sort of work (for example, by following the tutorial above)

  • Choices for Choices in Django CharFields

    • Django의 CharField(Models)를 사용하여 몇가지 선택 항목을 처리하는 방법을 설명하는 기사

    There be should one– and preferably only one –obvious way to do it

  • Reading Wikipedia XML Dumps with Python

    • Python을 사용해서 Wikipedia의 XML Dump에서 필요한 몇가지 정보를 추출하는 방법을 소개하는 튜토리얼 기사

Mobile(iOS, Android, Etc) News


    • 내 앱이 왜 Crash가 발생하는 'null checks'의 관점에서 설명하는 기사

    If an app gets into a state it wasn't designed for, it should crash. There is no general way of handling that.

  • Comparing the Performance between Native iOS (Swift) and React-Native

    • Native iOSReact-Native의 벤치마크 기사
    • 제목을 "파란약 React-Native와 빨간약 Swift, 당신의 선택은?"이 어울리지 않을까?

    I am now more convinced than ever that React-Native is the framework of the future — it has so many advantages and so few disadvantages. React-Native can be written in Javascript (a language so many developers already know), its codebase can be deployed to both iOS and Android platforms, it is faster and cheaper to produce apps, and developers can push updates directly to users so that users do not have to worry about downloading updates. Best of all, at only a year old, React-Native is already outperforming native iOS Swift applications.

JavaScript News


  • Atomix Development : Atom OS

    • C#으로 만든 모놀리틱 운영체제 Atom OS
  • HackerRank Binary Search: Ice Cream Parlor

    • 누구나 할 수 있지만, 결코 제대로 하기 힘든 '이전 검색'에 관한 기사

    This solution works fine, it is clear and fast, and it is accepted by HackerRank. However it is not what we are expected to produce. So I refactored it to use binary search. The rationale behind it could be thought as if we should run this algorithm in an embedded environment, and we found out that using hash tables eats too much memory, so we need to fall back to a slightly slower algorithm that uses a leaner data structure.

  • Build your own React Router v4

    • React Router v4에 관심이 있다면 이 글을 참고해보자!

    so if the code above is still confusing, head over to the official docs, play around with the examples, and once you’re more comfortable, come back.