JavaScript News

  • Yarn vs npm - The State of Node.js Package Managers

    • Yarnnpm에 대한 짧은 설명을 다루는 기사
    • YarnOffline cache 기능과 npm 4npm outdated는 눈여겨 볼만한 기사임
  • OpenCV tutorial: Computer vision with Node.js

    • OpenCVNode.js에서 사용하는 방법을 설명하는 튜토리얼 기사
    • JavaScript의 활용 범위가 어디까지 확장될지 사뭇 기대되는 튜토리얼 기사!

    Reading the code is absolutely OK, I love doing it, but I'm not happy with some inconsistencies and differences in return values compared with official OpenCV. I hope this library will soon develop, and I will try to contribute to it with a few lines of my own code.

  • Build your first Node.js microservice

    • microserviceNode.js로 구현하는 방법을 소개하는 튜토리얼 기사
    • micro 라이브러리도 훌륭하지만, 해당 프로젝트의 테스트 코드는 더욱더 멋짐!

    micro is a tiny (~100 LoC) module that makes writing a microservice in Node.js a joy. It’s easy to use and super fast. No matter if you’ve used Node.js before or not, after this post you’ll be able to write your own microservices!

Python News

  • A Guide to Deep Learning by

    • 파이썬을 사용해서 딥 러닝을 학습할 수 있는 가이드 기사
    • 머신러닝 사용자가 아니더라도 파이썬 사용자의 경우 Prerequisites 내용이 알차기 때문에 추천!
  • Multiprocessing and multithreading in Python 3

    • Py3에서 멀티프로세스와 멀티쓰레드를 사용하는 방법을 비교해서 소개하는 기사
    1. Concurrency is when two or more tasks can start, run, and complete in overlapping time periods. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll ever both be running at the same instant. Eg. multitasking on a single-core machine.
    2. Parallelism is when two or more tasks are executed simultaneously.
    3. A thread is a sequence of instructions within a process. It can be thought of as a lightweight process. Threads share the same memory space.
    4. A process is an instance of a program running in a computer which can contain one or more threads. A process has its independant memory space.
  • From Python to Numpy

    • Numpy를 사용해서 vectorization을 사용하는 몇가지 기법을 소개하는 기사
    • vectorization에 관한 글은 이 곳이 곳을 추천

Mobile Dev News

  • Testing iOS Apps

    • iOS 앱을 테스트하는 방법을 소개하는 튜토리얼 기사
    • BDD 프레임워크의 대표격인 RSpec을 간략하고 알차게 소개하고 있으니 테스트에 관심이 있는신 분들은 해당 챕터만 읽어보시길 권함!
  • Testing SQLite on Android

    • Android에서 SQLite를 테스트 하는 방법을 소개하는 기사

    The motivation was quite simple — show fellow developers that with some tweaks and tricks, testing can be achieved really easy.

  1. It’s not the fact that Swift and Kotlin are statically typed that has me concerned. Rather, it is the depth of that static typing.
  2. And what is it that programmers are supposed to do to prevent defects? I’ll give you one guess. Here are some hints. It’s a verb. It starts with a “T”. Yeah. You got it. TEST!
  3. But before you run out of fingers and toes, you have created languages that contain dozens of keywords, hundreds of constraints, a tortuous syntax, and a reference manual that reads like a law book. Indeed, to become an expert in these languages, you must become a language lawyer (a term that was invented during the C++ era.)