Data?, Data!, Data...

  • Why big data isn’t easy, cheap, or quick.

    • 빅 데이터를 다루는 일이 왜 '쉽고, 저렴하고, 빠르게' 안되는지에 대해서 논의하는 글
    • 'Distributed systems'을 지배하는 자가 코드를 지배 할 것 같은 느낌

    Distributed systems are hard, and 10x more complex. They’ll be largely similar to each other, but have subtle differences that bite you hard enough to lose five months of development time if one of those subtle differences makes a use case impossible. And I love teaching software developers how to become data engineers.

  • A Concise History of Neural Networks

    • '신경망'의 발전사를 '초'간단하게 설명하고 있음, 이 이상 간단할 수 없다는 믿음의 글

    Yet again, we are asking the same questions of AI, and projecting onto it, our all too human fears, and yet again we are farther than we think from bowing in deference to our digital overlords.

  • Five great charts in 5 lines of R code each

    • R을 이용해서 5줄 코드로 화면에 도표(차트)를 표현하는 것을 소개하는 기사
    • 내 생각에 파이썬으로 나올 것 같은 예감...
  • 3 Reasons Counting is the Hardest Thing in Data Science

    • 데이터 과학에서 어떤 규모를 카운팅하기 어려운 3가지 이유에 대해서 소개하고 있음
    • 읽어보면 호박 고구마 3개 정도는 물없이 삼키는 기분... 그리고 전 지구적인 호박 고구마 같은 존재가 있다는 생각에 식은 땀이...

    This means that instead of getting a quick "Good Job" in response to your work, you're much more likely to get a host of questions about how your research was done. [..] In the end, this post is not meant to be a rant or a complaint, but rather a statement of reality. In your career as a data scientist, you will not only need to manage significant technical complexity and communicate the findings of various analytical projects clearly and effectively.

Python with PY Family

Android with Google Family

  • DiffUtil is a must!

    • RecyclerView등을 사용 할 때, 목록 업데이트를 손쉽게 할 수 있도록 도와주는 DiffUtil에 관한 간단한 튜토리얼

    DiffUtil calculates the difference between two given lists, the old list that is currently displayed and the new that you have recently obtained. The DiffResult contains the data updates that can be dispatched to your adapter.

  • Asynchronous layout inflation

    • 비동기로 안드로이드 UI를 화면에 출력할 수 있는 AsyncLayoutInflater를 사용하는 간단한 튜토리얼
    • 아직은 이렇게 UI가 급격하게 팽창하지 않아서 별 필요가 없지만, 만약 UI가 기하급수적으로 증가할 경우 고려해 볼만함

    You will find use for AsyncLayoutInflater in cases when you want to inflate parts of your applications UI lazily or as an response to users interactions. This helper class will allow your UI thread to continue being responsive while heavy inflation is being performed.

  • The many flavors of commit

    • 플래그먼트의 commit의 다양한 용도를 설명하고 있음
    • 아직 초보 단계라 commit()이상을 사용해 본적 없지만 한번쯤 읽어두면 좋을 것 같은건 기분 탓인가?!

    commit() and commitAllowingStateLoss() are almost identical in their implementation. The only difference is that when you call commit(), the FragmentManager checks if it has already saved its state. If it has already saved its state, it will throw an IllegalStateException.

  • Android CI with docker

    • Docker를 사용해서 CI를 진행하는 과정을 소개하고 있음
    • 기초적인 내용을 많이 담고 있기 떄문에 Jenkins를 비롯해서 CI를 사용하려고 하는 팀이나 개인에게 도움이 됨

    Let’s face it, until you have a fast cycle of develop -> commit -> build -> test -> (*deploy) -> repeat you can not succeed.