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  • How to Prevent a Plague of Dumb Chatbots
  • 자연어 처리 시스템을 학습 시키면서 발생하는 몇가지 주의사항
  • 자연어 처리 시스템의 대표적인 예를 들자면, 요즘에 말썽꾸러기가 된 MS의 '테이'가 있음
  • There have been no fundamental breakthroughs in training computers to process and respond to language (a field known as natural language processing) in recent years.
  • Dyer says; and understanding a person’s intention is still an unsolved challenge.
  • “Legal advice, medical advice, and psychiatric counseling would probably all be very risky,” says Dyer.
  • Machine Learning Meets Economics, Part 2
    • 머신러닝을 '도구'로 활용(문제, 가설, 검증)하는 방법을 알 수 있음
    • 특정한 도메인(주제/영역)의 전문적인 식견과 데이터 분석이 만나면 유의미한 결과를 도출할 수 있지만, 역은 성립하지 않음

    Machine learning can be used to train classifiers with the potential to substantially improve the outcomes and reduce the costs associated with various types of tasks which are currently being performed by humans.

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